Saturday, October 29, 2011

5th Broadcast

 Great show, had around 7-10 listeners! Seriously, try the random anthem! you can win! Also, my little comments today were that I think that the protests today were what Marx was talking about, when he said revolution would happen in only the most advanced capitalist countries when the needs for revolution are met. Also, Occupy Irvine at Irvine City Hall/Civic Center, and support the protesters protesting the Syrian diplomat that represents UCI, as well as the Syrian dictator! November 9th is also a date to remember, with a rally going on at 12pm at the flagpoles apparently.
Artist - Song Name - Source/Album

Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble - Keeping Pace With the Martial Song - YouTube
Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble - Lets Sing of Our Pride in Being Under the General's Leadership - YouTube
Wangjaesan Light Music Band - Song of a Decisive Battle - YouTube

PLA Choir - Workers, Peasants, Soldiers, Unite! - YouTube
PLA Choir - Unity is Strength - YouTube
PLA Choir - The Great Proletarian Revolution is Just Good - YouTube

Red Army Choir - L'Internationale - YouTube
Tony Babino - Internationale - YouTube

Red Army Choir - My Country - Red Army Choir: The Definitive Collection
Red Army Choir - Katyusha - YouTube
Red Army Choir - Bravely We go to Battle - YouTube

Japanese Band - Internationale - YouTube
Japanese orchestra - Sakura - YouTube
Japanese Imperial Orchestra - Gunkan March - YouTube

Vietnamese People's Choir - We Are Uncle Ho's Soldiers - YouTube

Republic of Iraq - YouTube

Nazi German Band - Alte Kameraden - YouTube
Nazi German Band - Die Wacht am Rein - YouTube
Nazi German Band - Deustchlandlied - YouTube

Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble - The Ex-Soldier Who Came to Taehongdan - YouTube
Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble - Our Satellite Flies High in the Air - YouTube
Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble - My Country is so Nice - YouTube

Syrian Arab Republic Anthem - YouTube

Internationale in Catalan, spanish, CHinese, Danish. - YouTube

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