Saturday, October 8, 2011

2nd Broadcast of Fall Quarter

 Great show today, thank you to Michael Browne and SynthCCP for listening in, and everyone that called in!

Artist - Song Name - Source/Album

Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble - Soldiers Sing of Our Supreme Commander - YouTube
Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble - Footsteps Of Soldiers - YouTube
Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble - Theyll Tell about the Soldier's Love - YouTube

PLA Choir - People of the World Will Surely Be Victorious - YouTube
PLA Choir - Military Anthem Of the Eighth Route Army - YouTube
PLA Choir - Protect The Yellow River - YouTube

Soviet Red Army Choir - Krasnaya Armee - YouTube
Soviet Red Army Choir - People And Party Are United - YouTube
Soviet Red Army Choir - Korobushka - YouTube

British Communists - Hold the Fort - YouTube
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra - Heart of Oak - YouTube
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra - Rule Britannia - YouTube

Cuban orchestra - La Bayamesa - YouTube
Chilean Communists - Venceremos - YouTube
Cubans - Hasta Siempre - YouTube

Anthem of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela - YouTube

Nazi Orchestra - Koenigratzer Marsch - YouTube
Nazi Orchestra and Choir - Die Wacht am Rhein - YouTube
Nazi Orchestra - Alte Kameradan - YouTube
Red Army Choir - Song Of the Volga Boatmen - The Best of the Red Army Choir:The Definitive Collection

Hamas - Ala Ardee - YouTube
SynthCCP - Zanga - YouTube
Al Qaidah - Al Ard Ardi - YouTube

Japanese Imperial Orchestra - Warship/Gunkan March - YouTube
Nazi German Orchestra - Gunkan March - YouTube

Soviet Anthem

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