Saturday, November 12, 2011

6th Broadcast

Great broadcast today! Intern Pat Breen came in and did a great job, and had around steady 12 listeners today!
Artist - Song name - Source/Album

South korean communist group? - Internationale - YouTube
Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble - We Are Victors - YouTube
Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble - Women are Flowers - YouTube

PLA Choir - Protect the Yellow River - YouTube
PLA Choir - Learn from Lei Feng's Good Example - YouTube
PLA Choir - The East is Red - YouTube

Franzl Lang - Mei Vater is an Appenzeller - YouTube
Franzl Lang - Autojodler - YouTube
Franzl Lang - Jodelexpress - YouTube

Latin American Band -Hasta Siempre - YouTube
Cuban Orchestra - La Bayamesa - YouTube
Sergio Ortega - Venceremos - YouTube

National Anthem of Turkey - YouTube

Red Army Choir - USSR Anthem - Red ARmy Choir: The Definitive Collection
Red Army Choir - Po dolinam i po Vzgoriam - Youtube
Red Army Choir - Ballad of a Soldier - YouTube

Royal Philharmonic Orchestra - British Grenadiers - YouTube
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra - Rule Brittania - YouTube

ROK Military Choir - Men of South Korea - YouTube
ROK Military Choir - Torchlight for the complete Destruction of Evils - YouTUbe
ROK Military Choir - I'm coming to the Front Line - YouTube

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