Saturday, October 3, 2015

March 31st, 2014

Artist - Song name - Source/Album

KPA State Merited Choir - Long Live The Worker's Party of Korea! - YouTube
Mansudae Art Troupe - The General Is The Fate of Korea - YouTube
Moranbong Band - We Are Victors - YouTube

Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble - Let's Meet Again - YouTube
KPA State Merited Choir - I'll Surely Come Back, Following the General - YouTube
KPA State Merited Choir - My Heart Towards The Dear General Star - YouTube

KPA State Merited Choir - Army-People Arirang - YouTube
KPA State Merited Choir - Power-Revival Arirang - YouTube

Kim Jong Chan - Saturday Nights Are Good - Memories of Youth
Yoon Soo Il - Apartment - Memories of Youth
Yi Dong Won - Hey - Memories of Youth 

Akikawa Masafumi - A Thousand Winds - YouTube
Kim Sae Hwa - Letter Written With Tears - Memories of Youth
Hae Eun Ee - My Third HanGanGyo - Memories of Youth
Kim Soo Chul - Young Baby - Memories of Youth

KPA State Merited Choir - We Started From Scratch - YouTube
Cultural Revolution - Sailing The Seas Depends on the Helmsman - YouTube
Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble - Don't Ask My Name - YouTube
Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble - Whistle - YouTube

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