Saturday, October 3, 2015

July 28th, 2014

Artist - Song Name - Source/Album

Cuban National Orchestra - La Bayamesa - YouTube
Moranbong Band - Our Victory Day-July 27th - YouTube
Chavez Election Campaign - Mi Comandante Chavez! - YouTube

Moranbong Band - Our 7.27 - YouTube
Unknown Cuban Artist - Hasta Siempre Comandante - YouTube
Jose Pineiro - Fuego - Son+Son: Traigo de Cuba
Moranbong Band - Soldier's Road - YouTube

KPA State Merited Choir - Towards a Decisive Battle - YouTube
Mansudae Art Troupe - The Year of War Victory Today Tells - YouTube
Moranbong Band - The Echo of War Victory - YouTube
Moranbong Band - Motherland Will Always Remember - YouTube

Moranbong Band - We Think of the Marshal Day and Night - YouTube
Moranbong Band - Glory to Our Great Party - YouTube
Mansudae Art Troupe - I'll Dedicate My Life Glorifying the Revolutionary Cause

KPA State Merited Choir - My Mother - KPA State Merited Choir Vol.3

Alvaro Carrillo - Sabor A Mi - Son+Son: Traigo de Cuba
Jimmy Y Sus Raices - Cachita - Jimmy y sus Raices: Musica Tradicional
Venezuela - Militantes Con Chavez - YouTube

Vyacheslav Mescherin Orchestra - A Fine Day - YouTube
Moises Simons - El Manisero - Son+Son: Traigo de Cuba
KPA State Merited Choir; Sok Ji-Min  - We Are Victors! - YouTube

Palestine - Ode to the Girls of Palestine - YouTube
KPA State Merited Choir - Song of the Korean People's Army - YouTube
KPA State Merited Choir - Song of Coast Artillerymen - YouTube
KPA State Merited Choir - Song of the Pilot - YouTube

People's Republic of China - I Love I Love Wanquanhe Five Fingers - YouTube
IRA - Rifles of the IRA - 50 Irish Rebel Songs: The Definitive Collection

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