Saturday, October 3, 2015

January 26th, 2015

Artist - Song Name - Source/Album

KPA Band - Unfurl Your Wings, Chollima of Songun Korea! - KPAB Vol.13
KPA State Merited Choir - We Shall Defend the Banner of Unity With Our Lives - KPASMC Vol.12

Red Army Choir; Yevgeny Belyaev - You Are the Only One - YouTube
Red Army Choir - Nasha Derzhava - YouTube
Red Army Choir - Vasya Vasyilok - YouTube

Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble - Spring in the Home Village - YouTube
KPA State Merited Choir; Ri Song Chol - Soldiers Lives With Their Hometowns in Their Minds - KPASMC Vol.15
Moranbong Band - Endless Yearning - YouTube

SynthCCP - Farewell of Slavianka - YouTube
KPA Band - Let's Meet at the Front - KPAB Vol.12
KPA Band - Run Like a Storm Towards a Thriving Nation - KPAB Vol.13

KPA Band - Song of Advance - KPAB Vol.12

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