Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fifth Broadcast

Todays show was pretty good, Comrade "DJ Chronik" joined for the first hour, and revealed that he had both Armenian and Bulgarian communist roots! Nine listeners was a pretty good number for a early morning show like this haha. The date is 10/30/2012

Song Name - Artist - Source/Album

CNC: Attain the cutting edge - Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble - YouTube
Our Flag - Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble - YouTube 
Long Live Generalissimo Kim Il-Sung - KPA Ensemble - YouTube

The sea will watch the eternal life of the country - KPA Ensemble - YouTube
We'll Support Our Powerful Nation With Arms - KPA Ensemble - YouTube
We Have Become More Powerful - KPA Ensemble - YouTube

To The Party (На Партията) - Bulgarian People's Choir - YouTube
Song For The Rockets (Песен За Ракетите) - Bulgarian People's Choir - YouTube
Victory March (Победен Марш) - Bulgarian People's Choir - YouTube

Korea is One! (Instrumental) - Unhasu National Orchestra - YouTube

National Anthem of the People's Republic Of Mozambique - YouTube
National Anthem of the Armenian SSR - YouTube

Heroic Workers' Factory - Wangjaesan Women's Group - YouTube
Hold High the Banner of the Down With Imperialism Union! - KPA Ensemble - YouTube

Envy Us - Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble - YouTube
What Division Are You From? - Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble - YouTube

We Meet At the Front - Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble - YouTube

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