Tuesday, October 9, 2012

2nd Broadcast

2nd show of the quarter, and a pretty eventful one at that Lol. Comrade Tron drove me to and co-hosted Radio Internationale this morning, and his dad won the Random Anthem Segment! The first in the history of Radio Internationale! This is history people. Good number of listeners as well, around 13 at the highest; thanks for listening comrades! 10/9/12

Song Name - Artist - Source/Album

CNC Song - KPA Ensemble - YouTube
Our Friendship is Forever - KPA Ensemble - YouTube
Behold the Fires of Songun! - KPA Ensemble - YouTube

Let's Uphold the Revolutionary Idea of the Generalissimo - KCU Choir - YouTube
Soldiers Answered - Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble - YouTube
Hail the Great Patriot General Kim Jong-Il - KPA Ensemble - YouTube

Bolshevik Leaves Home - Soviet Red Army Choir - YouTube
Capitalism Oppresses Us - Soviet Revolutionary Choir - YouTube
Comrades Song - Rozhdestvenskiy  - YouTube

Hasta Siempre Comandante - Cuban band - YouTube
Venceremos - Chilean Allende Campaign - YouTube
La Bayamesa - Cuban National Band - YouTube

May Comrade Supreme Commander Enjoy Good Health! - KPA Ensemble - YouTube
For the Revolution - KPA Ensemble - YouTube
Song of the Revolution - KPA Ensemble - YouTube

Footsteps - KPA Ensemble - YouTube

National Anthem of Romania - YouTube

As the War Approaches - PLA Choir - YouTube
Soldiers Should Be on the Battlefield - PLA Choir - YouTube
No Communist Party, No New China - PLA Choir - YouTube

Gunkan March - Imperial Japanese Orchestra - YouTube
Song of the Army - Imperial Japan - YouTube
Airforce Song - Imperial Japanese Band - YouTube

National Anthem of the Ukrainian SSR - Ukrainian People's Choir - YouTube

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