Monday, July 15, 2013

15th Broadcast

Today was a good broadcast; talked a lot about the Trayvon Martin case and the countless other cases like it where innocent black and brown people are shot by police or vigilantes. Wonderful music from the DPRK as usual. Was a bit late today since I overslept, but hey, its Summer! [July 15th, 2013]

Artist - Song Name - Source/Album

Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble - Thinking Of My Mother - YouTube
Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble - Young People, Forward Following The Party! - YouTube
Unhasu Orchestra - I Fell In Love With A Boy - YouTube

Moranbong Band - Immense Yearning - YouTube
Moranbong Band - The Brilliant Motherland - YouTube
Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble - My Sky, My Sea, My Earth - YouTube

Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble - Whistle (North Korean, South Korean, Japanese Version) - YouTube

Unhasu - Song Of A Lark Girl - YouTube
Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble - It's An Everlasting Spring - YouTube
Wangjaesan Light Music Band - Azalea - YouTube

KPA State Merited Choir - We Will Fly Our Red Flag Forever - YouTube
KPA State Merited Choir - Our Friendship Forever! - YouTube
KPA State Merited Choir - No Motherland Without You - YouTube

Unhasu Orchestra - Song Of The Chollima Pioneers - YouTube

KPA State Merited Choir - A Bugle Call Of Victory - YouTube
KPA State Merited Choir - Forward To Victory In The Three Major Fronts - YouTube
KPA Band - Long Live Generalissimo Kim Il Sung! - YouTube

KPA Song And Dance Ensemble - Long Live The Brilliant Commander Of Songun - YouTube

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