Monday, February 4, 2013

5th Broadcast

Darn it, I FORGOT THE RECORD MY SHOW. Oh well, todays show was good, comrade Venti listened in again, and he WON random anthem! 3rd person in the history of random anthem to win! Listeners stayed around 10. Todays show was dedicated to the victory at the battle of Stalingrad of Soviet forces against the fascist war machine that beat them back all the way to Berlin. Todays date is February 4th, 2013

Song Name - Artist - Source/Album

Dyen Pobedy - Soviet Red Army Choir - YouTube
March Heroes of Stalingrad - Red Army Band - YouTube
Red Army is the Strongest! - Red Army Choir - The Best of the Red Army Choir: The Definitive Collection

Soviet Partisans - Soviet Red Army Choir - YouTube
White Army, Black Baron - Soviet Red Army Choir - YouTube
Chapayev the Hero - Red Army Choir - YouTube

Forward Red Marines - Soviet Red Army Choir - YouTube
Cossacks in Berlin - Unknown Soviet soloist - YouTube
The Battle is Going Again! - Komsomol Choir - YouTube

March of Songun Victory - KPA State Merited Choir - YouTube
The Road Our Party Follows - KPA State Merited Choir - YouTube
Soldiers Answered - Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble - YouTube

Tamo Daleko - Serbian Army - YouTube
Soviet Sportsmen Battle Song - Red Army Choir - YouTube

Malaysian Anthem - YouTube

Red Fleet's Song - Soviet Red Army Choir - Best Military Songs 2006
Song about Baltic Sailors - Soviet Red Army Choir - YouTube
Smiles from the Red Fleet - Soviet Red Army Choir - YouTube

Our Beloved Leader - Moranbong Band - YouTube
Symphony No. 40 - Moranbong Band - YouTube
Good Day - Song Zuying - YouTube

Defend the Yellow River - PLA Choir - YouTube
Guys From Moscow - Soviet Soloist - YouTube

Hes our comrade kim jong il - 8-Bit - YouTube

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