Monday, May 6, 2013

5th Broadcast

Today's show was great; buncha new songs, and someone actually won random anthem! Congratulations to comrade listener Rachel haha. May 6th, 2013

Artist - Song Name - Source/Album

Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble - Something Good Happened on a Pear Farm - YouTube
Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble - Uri Minzokkiri - YouTube
Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble - My Heart Sings - YouTube

Mansudae Art Troupe - We'll Go Full Of Confidence - YouTube
KPA State Merited Choir - Long Live the Great Juche Idea! - YouTube
Mansudae Art Troupe - People Call and Follow Him - YouTube

Moranbong Band - Lets Support Our Supreme Commander With Arms - YouTube
Moranbong Band - We Love - YouTube

KPA Song and Dance Ensemble - Let's Go Forward Korea! - YouTube

KPA Band - Thunder From Jong-Il Peak - YouTube
KPA State Merited Choir - We Go With Full Steps - YouTube

Republic of Honduras Anthem - YouTube

Communist Party of Japan - Japanese Internationale - YouTube
Cuba - Internationale - YouTube

KCU - The Generalissimo Is Our Sun - YouTube
Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble - Please Come In! - YouTube
Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble - Let's Meet Again - YouTube
KPA State Merited Choir - Soldiers, Forward Towards Korea's Reunification - YouTube

Wangjaesan Light Music Band - Music of Mass Rhythmic Gymnastics - YouTube
Wangjaesan Light Music Band - Road of an Orderly - YouTube

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