Monday, April 22, 2013

3rd Broadcast

Today was a great show, had around at least 8-10 people listening in, and was one of the first days of the KUCI funddrive! Call in and donate to support the station comrades! Also, Comrade Fernando made a reappearance on Radio Internationale today, adding to a fiery anti-kpop rant and exposure of the greatly undemocratic South Korea, along with other news of course. Yesterday, Wayzgoose was also held, and I Dj'ed for a good chunk of the time, playing great North Korean, Soviet, and other miscellaneous pop music you wouldn't hear anywhere else than Radio Internationale! Today's date is April 22nd, 2013.

Song Name - Artist - Source/Album

Do Prosper, Age Of The Worker's Party - Moranbong Band - YouTube
Do Prosper, Era of the Worker's Party - KPA State Merited Choir - YouTube

People Call and Follow Him - Mansudae Art Troupe - YouTube
Our Faith Is One - KPA State Merited Choir - YouTube
We Will Travel One Road Forever - KPA State Merited Choir - YouTube

Hwiparam - Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble - YouTube
Hwiparam - South Korean version - YouTube
Hwiparam - Japanese Version - YouTube

Morning Dew - Kim Min-Ki - YouTube
We Have Waited For You - Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble - YouTube
Without a Break! - KPA State Merited Choir - YouTube

Song of the Korean Working Class - Mansudae Art Troupe - YouTube
March Of the National Re-Unification - Mansudae Art Troupe - YouTube
Long Live the Great Brilliant Commander of Songun! - KPA Song and Dance Ensemble - YouTube

Song Of Lenin - Soviet People's Choir - YouTube

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