Monday, March 11, 2013

10th Broadcast

Today's show with Comrade Fernando was amazing as ever. Random anthem got another winner today, with the anthem of Bolivia being the answer. The phone was going insane with calls today! Also shoutout and thanks to Comrade Jim for listening to Radio Internationale for over a year, and for calling in and telling me about US imperialism! Today's date is 3/11/12

Also, don't forget tmrw is Mike Prysner's talk at UCI in HIB 110 at 7pm, hosted by Worker Student Alliance.

Song Name - Artist - Source

Along the Road of Uninterrupted Revolution Under the Banner of Songun - KPA State Merited Choir - YouTube
From Victory to Victory - KPA State Merited Choir - YouTube
Our Division Marches - KPA State Merited Choir - YouTube

Mi Comandante - Chavez Official Campaign 2012 - YouTube
Funeral Song of Kim Jong-Il - KPA Wind Orchestra - YouTube
We Shall Follow You Forever - Mansudae Art Troupe - YouTube

The Plurinational Anthem of Bolivia - YouTube

Shall Come Soon - KINO - YouTube
Polkovnik - BI-2 - YouTube
Mother we are all Ill - KINO - YouTube

Reunification Rainbow - Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble - YouTube
Women are Flowers - Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble - YouTube
Our Factory's Girls - Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble - YouTube

Towards the Decisive Battle - KPA state merited Choir - YouTube

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