Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Ninth Broadcast

Today was an excellent show despite having only 2 hours of sleep. Had two interns in the studio this morning, Comrade DJ's Tron and Nealoff (Neal), and had a grand ol time Lol. My laptop died and had to use a little laggy netbook, so RIP lenovo y560 T-T. The date is 11/27/2012

Song Name - Artist - Source/Album

CNC: Attain the Cutting Edge - KPA Ensemble - YouTube
Our 7.27! - Moranbong Band - YouTube
Until We Meet Again - Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble - YouTube

Forward, Everybody, To the Second Chollima Movement - KPA Ensemble - YouTube
Blizzard Over Mangnyondae - KPA Ensemble - YouTube
My Great Country - KPA Ensemble - YouTube

March of Spring - Soviet People's Choir - YouTube
There March the Soldiers - Soviet Red Army Choir - YouTube
My Country - Red Army Choir - Red Army Choir: The Definitive Collection

Laos-Vietnam Friendship - Lao People's Band - YouTube

Tinh Viet Lao - Lao People's Band - YouTube

Antigua and Barbuda - YouTube

Track 04 - Nahoon-a - Nahoona Best Disco Collection
Track 05 - Nahoon-a - Nahoona Best Disco Collection
Track 06 - Nahoon-a - Nahoona Best Disco Collection

A Perfected Whole - KPA Ensemble - YouTube
My Country Led by The General - KPA Ensemble - YouTube
Battle For the Leap Forward! - Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble - YouTube

Victory in May - Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble - YouTube
Song of Mangnyondae - Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble - YouTube

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