Saturday, February 5, 2011

Fourth Broadcast

This week's broadcast went pretty well! Low number of listeners online at the beginning, but an encouraging phone call and even a request this week gives this week's broadcast a 8/10 :). Tune in next week, to listen to a rare North Korean vinyl record from the 1970's, and a vinyl record of LENIN's Speeches! Also, remember to call in! Please! lol

Artist - Song Name - Album/Source

Unknown - Internationale (Arabic) -
Unknown - Internationale (Korean) -
Soviet People's Choir - Worker's Marseillaise -

KPA Ensemble - Our Great Commander - YouTube
Soviet People's Choir - Bravely Comrades, In Step - YouTube
KPA Ensemble - Our Army Will not Forgive/Forget - YouTube

Hezbollah - Blasfar - unknown
Hezbollah - Arabi - unknown

Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble - Our Bayonets Bring Us Peace - YouTube
Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble - Song of Coast Artillerymen - YouTube
Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble - Socialism is Ours - YouTube

Soviet People's Choir - March of the Communist Brigade -
Soviet Red Army Choir - Lenin is Always With You! -
Soviet Red Army Choir - For Leningrad! - YouTube

Soviet Red Army Choir - Invincible and Legendary(?) -
KPA Ensemble - Higher! Faster! - YouTube
Misc. Cuban Artist - Hasta Siempre -

Daniel Indart - Coco y Ron -
Daniel Indart - Morena Cafe -
Daniel Indart - La Promesa -

KPA Ensemble - Airforce Song - YouTube
KPA Ensemble - General of Chosun! - YouTube

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